Principle E

E – Exemplify service to the teaching profession.

To demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, teacher-candidates…

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice. 

E2 – Exemplify collaboration within the school. 

E3 – Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies. 

My Understanding of Principle E

I consider this to be the context in which all the other principles demonstrate themselves. This principle addresses the teaching profession, and as such, it serves as a foundation to who I teach (Principle H), what I teach (Principle O), and how I teach (Principle P). There are various components that influence the development of the profession such as teachers acknowledging and respecting their professional responsibilities as a teacher. I believe that these responsibilities are informed, in part, by my understanding of educational policies that guide schooling in the state, and also by the legal and ethical responsibilities and obligations of teaching.  Remembering this will guide my own on-going professional development. I believe that professional teachers are those who are willing to participate and collaborate with colleagues in a reflective, professional growth-centered environment that focuses on both positively impacting student learning and improving the social/moral fabric of school life.

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