About this portfolio

As a MAT student at Seattle Pacific University (SPU), I am required to document my learning and progress throughout the program using an electronic portfolio format. An important purpose of the bPortfolio is to document and provide evidence of competence on the Principles of HOPE, SPU’s vision for effective teaching based on Washington state certification standards outlined in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 181. SPU’s Principles of HOPE—Honor student diversity, development and their right to learn, Offer an organized and challenging curriculum, Practice effective teaching: inquiry, planning, instruction & assessment, Exemplify service to the teaching profession—are meant to encourage and instill a deep sense of responsibility, calling and purpose behind teaching.

The bPortfolio has many purposes, but in relationship to the Principles of Hope and WAC 181, the bPortfolio functions as a space for reflection on knowledge, skills, and growth attained throughout the teacher candidate’s journey toward certification, an organized demonstration of competency, and a collection of prepared examples of professional work and personal progress.

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