Prezi–a more creative and visually appealing presentation platform

Module 7: Learning Exploration Tool—Prezi

This week, I spent some time exploring and creating a small Prezi presentation. Since I already had a resume made, I used the “Resume” template and explored, learning some basics about how to create a Prezi. I had not used any other format for presentations besides a Powerpoint slide show until today but I love the more visual and connections based concept behind this learning tool. I only scratched the surface in regard to the creative possibilities available when creating a Prezi, but it was a lot of fun. The quick shifting from graphics and brackets of text made me a little dizzy at first, but it was immediately apparent to me that this is a tool I need to become more familiar with and incorporate into my future lessons.

Before beginning to make my own little Prezi, I watched a short informational video on the website which I felt fell short of teaching me many of the basics. So, I did a bit more research before deciding to dive on in, experiment and explore. Once the Prezi format is chosen, I practiced zooming in and zooming out of different sections of the presentation, adding and editing text as I went. This type of presentation is fluid and visually appealing, unlike more linear and restrictive presentations made with Powerpoint.

I did feel restricted occasionally, unsure how to move from one section of text to another and how to zoom out to see the rest of the presentation after I had zoomed in on a particular word or phrase. Instead of trying to navigate the presentation with my mouse like continually wanted to do, I found that using the navigation arrows on my keyboard was the best way to move from section to section.

I know it may not look like much, but here is the link to my first attempt at making a Prezi: Meg’s Prezi

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