Flashcard Machine–a student-centric learning tool


This week for our technology tool exploration, I discovered and investigated Flashcard Machine, an application that allows you to quickly create your own flashcards on your iphone or ipad, customize study sessions based on performance by separating flashcards into “correct,” “wrong,” and “flagged” piles, and tag flashcards to allow for easy and organized sharing. The iTunes App Store provides a very detailed description of the product and features, which I found helpful and informative before deciding to download the application.

The application is very user friendly and directed me through a “deck” of flashcards while explaining the various features and options available. I found the “Progress” feature particularly helpful for studying because you can filter the flashcards to allow for repeat study of categories such as flashcards you got “wrong.” This ensures that study sessions are student-centric, customized to ensure that concepts and terms are mastered according to the learner’s needs and pace. Additionally you can enhance your “study session” by deciding whether you want the term or definition to be displayed first, you can change the flashcard font, size and color as well as shuffle cards by shaking your phone or selecting the “shuffle” option.

With this application, study materials are always at your fingertips and are accessible without an internet connection making studying on-the-go quick and easy. When downloading the application, I received 100 flashcards for free, but must pay if I decide I need more flashcards. While it does cost $4.99 for “unlimited flips,” this may be five dollars well-spent for accessible, customized learning experiences.


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