My knowledge of the history of American Education

My knowledge of the history of American Education is pretty minimal, however I do know that the New England Primer was a textbook used by English settlers in 17th century North America. This textbook taught students the alphabet and how to read with the use of Biblical passages. The Bible was not only used as a primary text for teaching students to read and write, but also this religious text was used to train children in the Puritanical Christian (and sometimes anti-Catholic) philosophy of the colonists. Also established in the 1600’s, Harvard College, later to become Harvard University, modeled the Puritanical values of the early colonists and produced many Puritan ministers. In the 1800’s, Sunday schools were started in response to the Industrial Revolution in hopes of teaching factory children how to read. During the late 19th and 20th century, Washington and Dubois had very different views on African American education. Washington took an approach of accommodation, wanting African Americans to seek training in order to become an essential and irreplaceable asset to White American society.  Dubois did not believe African Americans should have to slowly work their way up a social ladder, but instead was zealous about forging the path to equality. There have been countless notable events in pursuit of equal education and the desegregation of schools, but in the 1950’s, after Brown Vs. Board of Education, racial discrimination in public schools was ruled unconstitutional. This is the extent of my “fact-based” knowledge of the progression of American Education.